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Europe – European Meeting of Provincial Coordinators of Schools: school’s purpose is to turn mirrors into windows

January 22, 2023 11:00 PM | Por admin
Europe – European Meeting of Provincial Coordinators of Schools: school’s purpose is to turn mirrors into windows

(ANS) – On Jan. 17, the Provincial Coordinators of the schools of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Europe met, convened by Fr. Miguel Angel García Morcuende, General Councilor for Youth Ministry, and Antonio Rodríguez López, Coordinator of the “Salesian School Commission Europe-SDB Coordination.”

The meeting began with an invitation to network to share values and efforts in the world of innovation and have a rigorous view of what real learning entails for each student in the classroom on a daily basis. The Salesian school, they underscored, is not only committed to improving academic performance and educational-pastoral depth: it turns mirrors into windows, that is, it helps young people to know and form themselves so as to open up to the future.

During the meeting, Delegates were given the Salesian School Identity Card, in 6 languages.

Second, there was an extensive reflection on the global and national results of the “Educobarometer”: a research questionnaire conducted with members of the Management Teams of the Schools and Vocational Training Centers of Europe.

Among the conclusions that emerged and were discussed by the team, management teams need to be able to devote more time to planning and supporting students and their families, reducing the time spent on organizational and bureaucratic tasks. Redistribution of functions should therefore be considered.

In addition, formation should be designed to facilitate the development of leadership and group coordination skills, with attention to interdisciplinary projects, innovative methodologies, and the emotional well-being of teachers. For the latter, meetings, debates, communications, and information should be encouraged to create a climate of support and trust for their personal and professional development.

The message conveyed by the leadership teams seems to be in the direction of strengthening Salesian identity. A good approach would be to link Salesian identity with some of the main areas of interest of leadership and teaching teams, such as pedagogical innovation, educational inclusion, or emotional well-being.

The main proposal for improving the quality of schools, ultimately, is more active, cooperative and project-based teaching.

Commitment to inclusive education relies heavily on the support of management teams, as well as on accompanying pupils and nurturing the relationship with families.

Finally, it was mentioned that themes and conclusions from this gathering will be taken up in the future with the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA).