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Republic of San Marino - Memorandum of understanding signed between Salesian Pontifical University and University of San Marino

September 21, 2022 10:00 PM | Por admin
Republic of San Marino - Memorandum of understanding signed between Salesian Pontifical University and University of San Marino

(ANS – San Marino) – To work in synergy on issues such as youth distress, school orientation, research and job placement, on Friday, September 16, a Framework Agreement was signed between the University of the Republic of San Marino, in the person of Pro-rector Prof. Luigi Guerra for the Rector Magnificus Corrado Petrocelli, and the Salesian Pontifical University, in the person of Rector Magnificus Prof. Fr. Andrea Bozzolo. Also present at the signing was Secretary of State for Education and Culture of the Republic of San Marino Andrea Belluzzi.

Exchange of teachers and students, organization of seminars, collaboration in teaching, and work orientation – these are just some of the points included in the memorandum of understanding presented at the press conference.

“The themes we start working on are those of juvenile distress, school orientation, also calculating on the great quality of the Salesian university tradition in Italy and in the world,” said Luigi Guerra, UNIRSM Pro-rector.

The agreement establishes mutual cooperation in the field of university teaching, research, and innovation and promotes initiatives of mutual interest in the scientific, artistic, and cultural spheres. It provides for the activation of forms of collaboration in areas such as: teaching, through the implementation of joint projects, the implementation of designed formative paths; job orientation, through the implementation of curricular or training internship and orientation paths; and research, through the identification and development of projects of common interest, the mobility of doctoral students and researchers, the promotion of joint publication and the organization of seminars.

“We do not see only the student; we see the person in his or her fullness and the development of his or her abilities and talents. In our university,” stresses Fr. Andrea Bozzolo, Rector of UPS, “we have students who come from 95 countries, a great richness that allows us to make cultures interact even within the academic space with various initiatives and paths of interdisciplinarity. He adds, “There is mutual esteem between our institutions, this Framework Agreement strengthens our academic

After the press conference, the audience at the Palazzo Pubblico by Captains Regent Oscar Mina and Paolo Rondelli: “We are strongly convinced,” said the Heads of State, “that the increasingly frequent forms of mutual cooperation between universities, combined with the promotion of activities of common interest, are more fundamental than ever.”

“The Salesian Pontifical University,” concluded Secretary of State Andrea Belluzzi, “looks with interest at the path of European integration undertaken by our university. The activity of Don Bosco so important to you, represents a valuable point of reference for the San Marino Community as well: the Salesians have collaborated in the education and growth of our youth. I am sure that through your academic activities you will continue the dream of St. John Bosco to grow in a virtuous way the talents delivered to each young person.”